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ampEducator is an easy to use, affordable, academic management platform (CRM, SIS, LMS).

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Manage Admissions

ampEducator offers built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities specifically developed with a higher education focus for your admissions staff. Features include calendar tracking (Follow-up Reminders, Meetings, Calls, To-do’s), automations, custom fields, custom workflow, managing documents, email/sms, personalized templates, contracts (with digital signatures), application forms, pipeline reporting tools, custom reporting and much more. If you are already using CRM, you can easily connect and transfer Students automatically via our API and Integration tools.

















Manage Students

ampEducator is a Student Information System (SIS) built specifically to be flexible to meet the unique online and in-person demands of higher education learning environments and the entire Student life cycle. Securely collect and manage Student data with productivity tools such as; Student Portal, Form Builder, Contracts, Documents, Notes, Scheduling & Events, Email and SMS, Announcements, Transcript Generation & Storage, Program & Course Management with LMS capabilities, Program Audits, Student Accounting and much more.















Manage Courses

As a Student Information System (SIS), part of the core of ampEducator is managing Courses. Courses are where Instructors and other Staff will schedule, enroll students, add grades, take attendance, review assignments, manage online testing, conduct web meetings, answer discussion board questions, distribute documents, make class announcements, and much more.





















Manage Programs

Programs in higher education typically refer to a Credential (Certificate, Diploma, Degree, etc.) that Students are seeking to achieve. ampEducator is designed to help you manage synchronous/asynchronous Students in multiple Programs as they progress from introductory to more advanced Courses. Your staff can custom design Programs with required or elective Courses, Fees (International, Domestic, etc.), review Grade Distributions, Audit Students, Report on Key Performance Indicators (by cohort intake, location, status) and much more.







Manage Student Accounting

ampEducator allows you to track and report on all transactions relating to Student financials with support for Charges, Payments, Refunds, Scholarship Discounts, Invoicing, Statements, Funding and Payment Plans, Credit Card Processing with Automated Recurring, T2202, 1098T, and much more. With double entry accounting your finance team will love our complete management reporting suite of tools with account summary, aging 30/60/90, custom reports, ability to lock transactions at year end and export to popular accounting packages.



















Manage Staff & Instuctors

ampEducator allows you to manage Staff profiles, create custom fields, documents, notes, and has hour tracking capabilities to help with payroll duties. Each Staff User has predefined Roles that can be customized to control access to information as required. Admissions Staff only see the Prospects assigned to them and/or Location that they work at. Instructors only see the Courses they are assigned, make changes and view Student profile data if you allow it.







Deliver Courses via LMS Tools

ampEducator has added Learning Management System (LMS) tools to an existing management of Student Academics such as; Course Content, Course Marketplace (self register and pay), Online Testing, Web Meetings (Zoom), Discussion Boards, Assignments, LTI Support, Plagiarism Checking and more. If you already use an LMS system you can easily connect and transfer Students automatically via our robust API or with one of our built-in LMS integrations like Moodle or Canvas.

















Deliver Courses via Course Marketplace

ampEducator allows you to publish and sell your Course Content online directly to your website with our Course Marketplace content management and course registration tools. Provide potential and existing Students with an easy way to self register and pay without having to spend hours updating your website content. The Course Marketplace also integrates directly with existing Courses in your ampEducator account allowing you to automate Student enrollment, manage capacity, waitlist and Course fees.











Connect with Communication Tools

ampEducator offers integrated Communication tools at every stage. Email tracking and campaigns, SMS, customizable templates, announcements, reminders, meetings, calls and more actions can be performed and customized to match your existing workflow. Progress is tracked at each stage with reporting such as Bounced / Read Emails and much more.

















Connect via Student Portal

ampEducator offers a secure Student Portal to provide Students the ability to read only / edit their personal profile with email notifications to key personnel when updates are made. Students can view grades, attendance, download general or course specific documents, take online tests, submit assignments, make payments and much more.















Connect with Integrations & API

Our robust REST style API allows you to connect to all your essential tools when necessary and access a large subset of features. ampEducator also has many pre-existing third party API software integrations including Google Workspace, Docusign, Paypal, Square,, Moneris, Clover, Flywire, Converge, Turnitin, Canvas, Moodle, Zoom, Twilio and more.





















Productivity & Automation Tools

ampEducator has many productivity tools including Scheduling, Email Integration, Contract Builder with Digital Signatures, Form Builder, Online Testing with Auto-Marking, Student Portal, Tax Receipt Generation, Transcript Generation & Storage, Recurring Credit Card Processing and many more. Reports can be generated and emailed on a set schedule to users automatically. Recruiters can be assigned based on a variety of filter options and notified immediately that a Prospect has asked to be contacted. Notifications can be sent to Students that grades have been posted and much more.















Customization & Development

From custom reports to custom student status and ID, ampEducator has a high degree of flexibility to adapt to your existing workflow. Our Institution Configuration section allows you to customize your ampEducator account easily on your own without special coding. Paid custom development projects are also available upon request.





Knowledge-Base, Support & Training

ampEducator provides support 24 hours a day 7 days a week via email and our ticketed support system powered by FreshDesk. Our online Knowledge-Base Solutions & Guides provide a searchable way for users who are looking for self help answers or just want to learn more about the many features and options available. For users requiring one on one training our support staff can be booked for web meetings as required.







Security & Backup

ampEducator offers support for Two-Factor Authentication for all Users. The system is hosted with Amazon Web Services by geographical location (Canada, USA, UK, etc.). Access to all servers is IP restricted and databases are backed up daily and weekly. Backups are encrypted and stored on secondary servers for redundancy and Admin users can request and download backup copies on demand. ampEducator is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week by an independent third party to ensure uptime targets are met.