ampEducator from $134 /month

Web based Student Information System (SIS) for public and private institutions.

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Admissions »

Website tie-in for lead generation, auto recruiter assignments, online application forms, registration and payment with analytics.

Academics »

Manage and track student records, courses and programs. Take attendance, enter students grades, do programs audits and generate transcripts.

Communications »

Email campaigns, announcements, customizable templates and analytics. SMS alerts for emergency and other situations.

Accounting »

Generated and email automated statements, accept student payments online, track account payables and view financial analytics.

Personnel »

Administrative staff, faculty, recruiters, student advisors and outside agents. Optional hour tracking with barcode scanner.

Reporting »

Common built in reports. Custom reports with report wizard or create and upload your reports using open source iReports.

Contacts »

Variety of contacts including parents, employers and alumni. Can be used for reference, student placements and for marketing. Parent portal available.

Housing »

Manage available housing details with online student applications and renewals. Place and track students into housing.

Facilities »

View and update room schedules, manage room conflicts. Sign out / in equipment to students, faculty and staff. Record equipment inventory.

Library »

Sign out / in of library materials by students, staff and faculty. Optional barcode scanner. Management of materials.

Productivity »

Integrated email, calendar, agenda and documents for staff and faculty. Associated items linked automatically with student records.

Implementation »

Configuration of ampEducator software for your institution, data import and 4hrs of training included for all new institutions.