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ampEducator is an easy to learn, easy to use web based software created specifically for the management and administration of private and public educational institutions.


ampEducator is an easy to learn, easy to use web based student information system. The software covers the entire student cycle from prospect to registration to student and eventually to alumni. The core of the software revolves around Admissions and Academics but other modules like accounting, communications and personnel create an entire system for running an educational institution. We also included integrated calendar, documents and email so that all records of meetings, emails and documents exchanged can become a part of the student record. See below for details on specific sections.

Admission encompasses both the prospecting and registration stages of a student. ampEducator can collect leads from a variety of sources. As a first step we usually tie the institution's own request form into the software. When a request is made a new prospect record is created and a recruiter is assigned. The recruiter can then setup meetings, send emails or collect information from the prospect which is all tracked in the software. If necessary a prospect can be directed to an online application or converted directly into a student and registered in an academic period. Full analytics and reporting are available including breakdown of prospect by multiple categories (e.g. age, location, source) as well as conversion rates and expected revenue.

Student records, courses and program encompass the Academics part of ampEducator. Once a student is entered into the system their progress as well as any associated emails, notes, documents, and letters are available in their record. Standard contact information, health information, emergency contact information, demographic data as well 30 custom user definable fields are available. Courses can be standard or termed or even open ended with multiple grade types including user definable. Attendance is tracked and students enrolled in programs can easily be audited for completion. Institutions can also customize transcripts to meet their requirements.

All staff have integrated email which they can use to communicate with each other, prospects, students or other contacts in the system. Mailing lists can be created, managed and used in email campaigns. Results of campaigns can be viewed and reported on. To effectively use the email campaigns, mail templates can be created seamlessly merging information from ampEducator (e.g. student records) into emails.

Simple accounting with a focus on account receivables. Once configured to match your accounts, the software will generate and email statements and accept online payments for courses and programs. The built in analytics can quickly generate reports for revenue, expected revenue as well as delinquent accounts. Export all data to your favourite accounting software for further analysis.

Keep details of managers, staff, faculty, recruiters and student advisors. Assign faculty to course, prospects to recruiters and advisors to students. Track staff hours by generating ID cards and using an optional barcode scanner to record their hours using the built in hour clock. Roles are fully customizable and multiple roles per user are supported.

Analytics, stats and common reports are found in many modules of the software. The reporting section contains reports specific to schools such as State and Provincial reports. When necessary new reports specific to your institution can be created. Reports can be downloaded in various popular formats such as PDF or CSV, viewed interactively and be scheduled and emailed to users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Throughout ampEducator we have integrated calendar, documents and email. When a student is enrolled in a course or a faculty member is assigned to a course the course automatically appears on their calendar. When a prospect emails a recruiter or vice versa, the email is automatically associated with that prospect and can be found in their record. Documents can be used both as a central repository of forms, letters and other useful files like media kits or logos. It is also incorporated into individual parts so that for example a course can have associated documents with it which can be downloaded by students.

When you decide to implement ampEducator we design an implementation plan specific to your institution. Implementation is typically carried out over a 2 week period. The first stage involves learning about your workflow and configuring the application to your needs. After configuration we will import your existing data into ampEducator and provide a 4hr training session to your staff.

We provide email support with a turnaround time of (at most) 4hrs. Support requests are placed directly from the application or by emailing us at Of course if it's something really urgent we will never refuse a phone call! An online manual is also available for users answering the most commonly received questions.

Security and backup of your data are a primary concern for us. To that end we limit the number of internet facing servers we have and take all reasonable precautions to protect your data. Data is backed up daily and once a week. The weekly backups are encrypted and transferred to an alternate storage provider should anything happen to the original data. If you should decide to stop using ampEducator we will provide you at no extra charge a copy of all your data.